Sven van Roij (1989, Oosterhout, The Netherlands)

Sven van Roij (1989, Oosterhout, The Netherlands) is a dedicated aviation photographer and freelance journalist. His photographic career started back in 2005 when he snapped his first images during the annual open days of the Royal Netherlands Airforce at Gilze-Rijen Airbase. Within years, his passion for military aviation grew enormously. Quickly Sven bought new gear, discovered wonderful areas with unique photo opportunities, and traveled throughout Europe.


Sven has made many significant photoshoots. He had the honor to work with a lot of dedicated servicemen and women on many airbases, from the icy North of Bodø Main Air Station in Norway to the burning heat of the Balearic Islands and from the AW-139s of 301 sqn in the Republic of Ireland to former Soviet-hardware deep into Eastern Europe.


Over the years, Sven flew photo missions in a variety of aircraft and with different branches of various Armed Forces. He had the honor to coordinate several air-to-air photo flights with helicopters of the Montenegrin Airforce, flew missions with the North Macedonian Air Wing Mi-8MTs, and operated as chief journalist for a week with the Romanian Black Sea Knights to report on the 'Puma Naval'. He captured onboard photos of Dutch Chinooks during tactical flight training, conducted reconnaissance flights with A-109s of the Belgian Air Component and F.50s of the RNLAF, and flew air-to-air refuel missions with international coalition partners over the North Sea.


His work (research, images, interviews, and articles) was published worldwide in various aviation-related magazines.